N I Drains

Hello and welcome to my site N I Drains the only drainage company that has a Service Promise and Guarantee that it honours.

As you’ve landed here you may have some type of drainage or drain problem, your in the right place for getting it fixed or flowing!

“A little bit about me” I’ve been working in the drainage industry for over 15 years. Unblocking and problem solving drains in schools, hospitals, commercial properties and domestic properties, for councils and insurance companies all over the UK. I would say I’ve seen it all but it never ceases to amaze me the drain problems I find.

Our coverage

N I Drains covers Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England To see the list of county’s covered please click here.

What we do at N I Drains

I’m proud to provide a wide range of experienced drainage and jetter services:

Drain Clearance: Toilets, sinks, showers, manholes, gullies, urinals, surface water and foul water etc..

CCTV Survey: a look see is a quick scan of the pipe line or system to identify problems this is not recorded or no plan of the systems are drawn up.

Complete CCTV Survey is a recording of specified pipe lines or line which is then mapped on to plans, each manhole and line has a detailed report of their structure . The end product is presented in a binded folder and DVD.

Maintenance of car park gullies and Aquo channels.

Maintenance of foul water and storm water syestms i.e. Descaling and jetting.

Pipe lining: insertion of new chemical resin pipe into a damaged, cracked or root infested pipe.

H.W.P.J Root cutting: is a machine that is connected to the high pressure jetter. It pulls its self-up the pipe cutting roots or hard scale out of the pipe with a toothed blade.

Pipe tracing: is a method of tracing were a pipe goes too, with a sonar bullet witch is traceable above ground, and accurate to 12 inches.

Drain, gully and pipe Repair

Drain, gully and pipe replacement

Installation of drainage systems

Vent installation Dergo (internal automatic vent) or open vent (vented to open air).

Sewerage system failure diagnoses

Smell diagnoses

Descaling of manholes, lines and gullies

Septic tank: installation, empting, descaling, fixing and problem solving.

Power washing: patios, car parks, path ways and driveways. Removal of green algae, removal of oil, removal of graffiti.