Blocked Drain

So you have a blocked drain and there’s water and sewerage everywhere, Call me and I’ll take care of everything aspect of your problem from the drain clearance to clean up.

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What I do when clearing a drain

When your drain is filling up or just smelling really badly, I will quickly identify and remove the blockage with no fuss. All your water will be draining away again before you know it. I will attend all emergency blocked drains ASAP.

what causes the problem In the first place

In my experience it’s simply the build-up of what’s gone into the drain, like grease, soil and leaves that eventually blocks them. Fat and food bits going down your sink will quickly lead to a

blocked kitchen sink drain. This is all part of the normal wear on a drainage system.

Then there are larger foreign objects, mostly flushed down the toilet, which cause a problem. It could also be a structural defect or breakage caused by tree roots, corrosion or subsidence.

Lastly, a growing problem is rat invasion of the drainage system.

drain rat,rat in drain

The rats dig holes in the pipe to make nests and pull the soil in to the drain pipe causing a major problem or collapse. This type of problem can be the more difficult drain clearance but one were very experienced in. We also carry special rat bait for rat prevention or extermination.

How to clear blocked drains

I always use the correct tools for unblocking a blocked drain. I will use a simpler tool first to access the blockage and if this doesn’t clear the blockage I will use the

drain jetter, drain unblocking

high pressure water jet.

When I’ve found what the problem was I will make a recommendation to stop the problem recurring. All drains block for a reason so with every blockage there is a recommendation.

You can try to preventing a blocked or damaged sewer.

Dispose of waste properly When substances other than waste water are flushed down the drain, this can cause big problems. For example, fats and oils will solidify and cause hard lumps called scale in the trade this smells very bad but is removable with a descale . The following items mustn’t be flushed down the drains

• waste food

• paints and solvents

• fats, oils and greases

• disposable nappies and wipes

• condoms

• sanitary products

• bandages and dressings

• animal waste

• cotton wool and cotton buds

• razor blades

Plant vegetation to close to drains

Keep all vegetation away from drains and sewers when possible. Where a pipe is less than one metre deep:

• move new drains and sewers at least three metres from existing trees only plant new trees at least three metres from an existing sewer.

• If a pipe is more than two metres deep, the distance can be reduced to two metres.

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