Blocked Kitchen Sink Drain

When you have a blocked kitchen sink drain and its refusing to drain away.

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If your sink is slow to flow away, gurgling and smelling or completely blocked I have all the equipment to clear and clean your sink and sink pipes.

Now all sink blockages are not just under the sink i.e. (in the trap) in fact most are in the pipe work away from the sink. This can be in a stack, blocked kitchen sink drain gully or a blocked drain with the problem being quite some distance away. This does not matter as I will trace the blockage quickly and remove it.

The reason for a blocked sink is usually one of 6 things:

• Hair

• Soap build up

• Fat and grease

• Food bits

• Water scale

• Washing machine and dishwasher powder

I might need just a simple tool to clear the sink, but for a more stubborn blockage mostly a blocked kitchen sink, I might use an electro sink snake or a model K. Be assured, when I’ve found the problem I will have the right equipment on hand to take care of it.

I do not recommend any product to put down your sink as in my experience they do not work and the only ones that do, are so strong they will damage your sink and pipe work and will have to be replaced. And still they will not completely clear the blockage so it will block very quick.

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