Blocked Toilet

blocked toilet,overflowing toilet

The Blocked Toilet can be an easy problem to remedy or a complete nightmare.

As with all blockages the best thing to do if you’re not ofay with the internal working of the toilet system is to call a qualified and experienced drainage engineer. You can find your local qualified NID Drainage engineer by filling out the form below.

Your probably asking yourself how do toilets get blocked? Well you should firstly determine if anything untoward went down the toilet like: Baby wipes, children’s toys, toilet air fresheners, pads, sanitary towels, large volume of toilet paper, ear buds anything out of the norm. This will help the drainage engineer quickly establish a clearer picture of what may have caused the blockage.

You may hear the term remove blocked toilet from our engineer this may be needed to access the blockage. This procedure is no problem as all contractors are qualified to do so.

If the toilet is quite newly fitted or you have had any building work done in the last 6 months tell the drainage engineer straight away as this may be the cause or linked to the blockage.

Around 60% of all toilet blockages are caused by an external blocked drain

blocked drain, blocked toilet

so this must be ruled out. If you live in a hard water area then your toilet could also be toilet calcium blocked.

You should also check the outside manhole by looking around the rim or the cover if there is any water leaking out of the cover don’t lift the cover just point the drainage contactor in the direction of the manholes. Make sure the covers are not covered with pots or stones.

Even if the blockage is not in the external manhole your drainage engineer will have to check that the toilet is flowing free to the manhole when he has cleared the toilet blockage.

We are the best choice for your over flowing toilet as we have years of experience unblocking toilets and will ensure it is cleared quickly and at a competitive rate.

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