Clogged sink drain

Clogged sink drain

A clogged sink can be one of the easer cogged drain to clear. It clogs in four main places:

The trap: This is located under the sink can be plunged from the sink to clear. You must cover the over flow with a damp cloth or the pressure will be lost. Be careful when plunging as some sinks have holes underneath that will let the basin fill up with water on the inside, and spill out at the back of the sink. This is a factory fault and only causes this problem when plunged. The trap might have to be removed if hard objects like ear buds etc. have been poked down the waste centre. This can be tricky as you may not get the same seal on the trap as it had causing a leak. The main problem with reconnecting the trap is losing the washer or tightening on the wrong threads, bought cause leaks.

The waste centre: ( the easiest clogged sink drain) this is the little grating at the bottom of your sink basin it can get clogged with hair and soap so poke a screw driver down the holes to free.

At the stack: this may be a sub stack or wall stack. The blockage is usually where the sink pipe connects to the stack, this usually is a hair ball and soap build up. For this job you will need a mechanical worm or reel. You can buy a hand operated one on line or at your local hardware store. If this can’t touch the blockage then you’ll have to call me! I have all kinds of equipment to clear this type of blockage fast and cleanly.

Blocked gully: this usually is situated on the outside wall near to where the sink is internally. Run your sink until it fills the basin a quarter full and then check the gully outside. If the gully fills to the top or over flows it is blocked. (Gully’s do have water in them as they are a trap, the water level should be about 4-6 inches from the top of the gull). You will have to buy a rod and plunger tip to plunge the gully if this doesn’t work you may have a blocked external drainage system.

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