French Drain For Downspouts

A French drain for downspouts is different than a French drain to deal with water pooling or soggy ground. The similarities are they both move water from one place to the other for dispersing. The diagram below is a French drain for downspouts.

The view of the site is from above.

This plan may not suit every one, so you will need to adapt it for you own property.

The rain falls on the roof and flows down to the guttering, it then flows down the downspout and in to the gully. From the gully the rainwater flows down the pipe into the French drain and soaks into the soil.

The size of your roof will denote the size of the French drain. I would say for every two square meters of roof you will need one meter of French drain. So for a twenty meter square roof, you should have more than 10m of French drain.

Now some may say less French drain is adequate for downspouts. But believe me it’s easier to carry the French drain on for a couple meters more, so you don’t have over following gullies when it rains heavy or for long periods.

Just think you would have to dig up part of the drain to connect on more, by then the yard or garden has probably just healed up from looking like a bomb site. So do the job right the first time.

Tip. When installing the gullies make sure you buy rod able gullies as you can carry out maintenance of the drainage system and unclog any blockages.

Tip. Make sure your French drain is deep and wide don’t take the easy way out as it will more than likely waste your time in the future.

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