Unclogging Drains

The first thing you need is the correct tools for unclogging drains. The most important tool is a set of rods complete with plunger and screw top. They can be purchased via your local hardware store or get them on line. Now when your in the store or on line don't waste time on drain unclogger .

Remember make sure you connect the drain rods tightly as I’m always being called out because a rod or rod attachments have fallen off in the drain pipe and sometimes have to be excavated to retrieve them!

Long flat head screw driver

When unclogging drains loosen (pop) the drain cover you may also need a star head or (Phillips screwdriver) if the drain cover has screws in it. You will need lifting keys if the cover has two or four holes. The holes are located at the edges of the cover. The covers with four holes may have screws at the bottom of the holes. There a two general type’s one key hole is bigger than the other. So measure the size of the hole the key has to go into and take it to the DIY store to buy the right one.

Lifting the drain cover

When lifting the cover take extra care as most covers are capable of taking fingers off “unfortunately I have seen this happen”. So it’s better to have two people to lift a heavy cover. But make sure when you have lifted the cover enough to insert a plank of wood under it, the other person can help lift at this point it will greatly reduce the risk of finger loss! Here you will learn the process on

How to unclog a drain . There are many types of drains and appliances that can get clogged. The clogged sink drain

are a very common problem but the majority are easily resolved. If you have a slow running drain and want to know how to fix it read unclogging a slow drain.

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